Marcello Comitini – Interview

L’intervista che Manuela Timofte mi ha rivolto con grande competenza

Gobblers & Masticadores

by Manuela Timofte

I recognize the divine nature of emptiness
the most intimate essence of the tree.Marcello Comitini

Masticadores.- Why do you write?

In the large garden of the house, my father read the classical poets aloud and I, unwittingly, listened to him while he recited the deeds sung by Ariosto and Tasso, the patriotism of Carducci, the loves of Petrarch and Dante, the melancholies of Gozzano, the suffering of Leopardi – which came to mind in those sad afternoons, when little boy huddled in a corner, I hugged my cat and confided to him my bewilderment and my sense of loneliness. I was moved by his patience that did not make him run away annoyed by my hugs.

Among these authors, like all children, I was looking for my hero to imitate (my father was not among the candidates due to his character and his advanced age). I…

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3 pensieri su “Marcello Comitini – Interview

  1. Most intresting interview.I knew about your own thought on writing first time.but I don’t know about any scale,compass or other things.write only for my it right way,dear!!Plz reply.❣️🙏❣️

    "Mi piace"


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